STK Canned Pineapple in Light Syrup
Slice / Piece
STK Canned Corn
(425g X 24)
Cream Style Sweet Corn / Sweet Kernel Corn / Cut Young Corn / Baby Corn
STK Canned Mushroom
Straw 425g / Whole 400g
STK Canned Pickles
Pickled Mustard Green / Hot & Sour Pickles
STK Canned Longan in Heavy Syrup
565g / 567g (P)
STK Canned Lychee in Heavy Syrup
567g (C) / 565g (T)
STK Canned Rambutan in Heavy Syrup
Original / with Pineapple
STK Canned Fruit Cocktail & Peach
820g (China/Germany)
Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup & Peach Slice in Heavy Syrup
STK Canned Tropical Fruit Cocktail in Syrup
850g X 12
Original / with Cherry
STK Kentucky Seasoned Flavoring Flour
STK Longan In Heavy Syrup (EO/W/T)